The 'Nahbi' Series: An Overview

David Logan is the main protagonist in this military science fiction series focused on global terrorism. A former Army intelligence officer wounded in Afghanistan, he discovers something that modern science can’t explain.

The Nahbi series provides well-researched glimpses into the interactions between the world’s major intelligence agencies and today’s scientific, geopolitical, and military realities.

The fast-paced series incorporates an element of science fiction that modern science discounts, but which Einstein’s theory of relativity and modern high-energy particle research hints might be plausible.  The series also introduces speculative technological advances that are increasingly likely in the not-too-distant future.

The premise of the Nahbi series is a horrifying fact of the modern world.  The four coordinated attacks against the United States in September of 2001 killed almost three thousand people.  It is now clear that if terrorists acquire the capability of killing even larger numbers of people, they will do so.

Several major terrorist organizations are well-funded by wealthy advocates of radical ideologies.  With ample financial backing, it is only a matter of time before chemical, biological, and even nuclear weapons will be used by terrorists.  As more lethal weapons become available to them, the risk of mass murders will increase.  The Nahbi series takes a sober look at that terrifying possibility.

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Book 1: Nahbi

David Logan

At 12, he survived the crash that killed both of his parents. As an Army intelligence officer in Afghanistan, he was the only survivor of an IED attack. Now, he wants nothing more than to get married, have kids, and live a normal life.  It will have to wait.

Scuba diving near Malta, David finds something shocking near an ancient shipwreck. His discovery raises questions modern science simply can’t answer.

And it comes at a very dangerous time…

Lieutenant General Parvez Jhalawan, head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency, harbors a deep hatred of the western democracies. He is determined to strike a crippling blow against them using terrorism on a scale never before seen.

In London, an international team is hastily recruited in a desperate race to defeat the General’s terrifying plan. Millions of lives are at stake and David’s mysterious discovery may hold the key…

NAHBI marks the debut of the stunning new military techthriller series by Chuck Ervin.

Skillfully blending a range of fiction, tech and thriller genres, the Nahbi series presents a terrifying glimpse into the dangers of global terrorism.

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Book 2: Jus Cogens

Lieutenant General Parvez Jhalawan is the head of Pakistan’s top-secret Inter-Services Intelligence Agency.

He is guilty of crimes against humanity under JUS COGENS, the highest principle of international law.

David Logan and Captain Jean Luc Davignon will lead a joint mission of the CIA and the French Special Forces to bring Jhalawan to justice.

But the odds of surviving the mission aren’t good…

Iran’s leaders have repeatedly declared their intent to destroy Israel. With a growing arsenal of nuclear weapons, they are now in a position to carry out that threat…

Nahbi, a senior agent of the Mossad’s legendary Metsada sabotage unit, has been ordered by the Israeli prime minister to go undercover in Iran as an agent provocateur. But there’s one small problem…

No Mossad agent has returned from Iran in over ten years…

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Book 3: Lelah

Lelah was found by a Royal Omani Air Force pilot, wandering and alone in the desolate wilderness of Southern Oman’s Dhofar desert. She had no memory of how she got there, or where she came from.

Ebrahim Hatami, the former supreme leader of Iran has been deposed and exiled. He is intent on two things: revenge and returning to power.

David Logan: after a senior American Army General is abducted – and a horrifying video is aired in Doha, Qatar – CIA agent David Logan is assigned to identify and track down the terrorists.

Nahbi: when a member of the Israeli Knesset is abducted, the director of the legendary Mossad spy agency, and the director of the CIA, realise someone is targeting leaders of the three countries responsible for the destruction of Iran’s nuclear capability. Together, Nahbi and David Logan must find a way to stop them…

LELAH is the is the third volume in the stunning Nahbi military science fiction series by Chuck Ervin.

Skillfully blending science, technology, geopolitics, and military weapons and tactics, the Nahbi series plays out against dramatic, real world examples of what rogue nation states - and the terrorists they sponsor - are capable of…

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